Altitude Accelerator Health Check

Your Details


Do you know the products and services that make the most money?*
Are your business gross margins greater than industry average?*
Does the business achieve annual profit targets after you draw a market-value salary?*


Can you tell 3 months in advance if you will have a shortfall or excess of cash?*
Are your customers paying you on time?*
Does the business have sufficient cash to protect it from a major economic or business disruption?*
When presented with a taxation or GST bill, do you usually pay them in full and on time?*

Systems & Processes

Are you easily able to check profit, sales, expenses, and cash flow at any time?*
Do you know your most important metrics and critically analyse a business dashboard each month?*
Do you have a business management system that produces accurate data on your customers, job, and product profitability?*
Do you have up-to-date and documented systems and processes on how things are done in your business?*

Goals & Strategy

Do you have a clearly documented and recently updated strategic plan?*
Do you have a clear action plan that management is executing to achieve business goals that is discussed and reviewed quarterly?*
Do you set an annual budget and cash flow forecast to compare against actual results monthly?*
Do you have a vision for the business that documents where you can grow, your competitive advantage, your target market, and products/services?*


Do you have regular team meetings where business performance is reviewed, and actions are taken?*
Do you worry about what your staff do when you are not there to supervise?*
Is it easy to recruit new staff members?*
Is annual staff turnover less than 10%?*


Do you get more than 7 hours sleep per night?*
Are you able to take 8 weeks holiday from your business each year without it suffering?*
Outside of work and family, do you have hobbies that you regularly participate in?*
Do you have a strong set of core values and use them to inform your decision making?*
Do you regularly contribute to your local community and to give back?*


Do you have up-to-date disaster plans in place for unforeseen contingencies such as death, divorce, disaster, product recall, staff shortage?*
Does the business have sufficient insurance cover to cover a major business disruption or crisis?*
Does the business earn more than 20% of its annual revenue from a single customer?*
Do you have an effective management team that doesn’t rely heavily on one or more key persons?*


Is the annual business revenue and net profit growing faster than 10% per annum?*
Is the business regularly investing in equipment and technology to improve performance?*
Does the business have an up-to-date website and online presence on social media?*
Is the business premises able to support the annual growth of the business?*


Is your business structured to minimise the amount of annual tax you pay?*
In the last 12 months have you made a significant taxation saving by planning out in advance with your advisor?*
Are your taxation and GST returns up to date and lodged on time with the ATO?*


Do you have an up-to-date and documented succession plan or exit strategy?*
Do you have a recent independent valuation of what the business is worth?*
Do you make regular contributions into superannuation or other investments?*
Are your wills up to date?*
Are your personal financial affairs kept separate from those of the business?*

Your Result

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