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Why we continually focus on making our business better

By Altitude Advisory |

Good businesses strive to be the best – the best for their clients and shareholders, best for their staff, best for their bottom line and their brand and reputation.

But how does a business become the best? The answer is continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is the ongoing refinement of products, services or processes over time. Improvements can be incremental (small improvements) or breakthrough (large improvements all at once) and usually take place within a broader plan.

The Altitude Advisory approach

At Altitude, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and processes and ultimately client satisfaction.

For us, this is about examining every service we deliver and asking a simple question: “How do we make this better?”

To make effective decisions about improvements in our business, we need insights from you, our clients, to best understand your experience and what is most important to you.

We source many of these insights through our annual client survey which includes important questions about our service offering and our business.

We gather invaluable feedback from you about what you value, how we’re performing and where we can improve. Based on these insights, we look at every system and process within the business and start to plan and implement changes to be better.

What did we learn and how will this make us better?

Through the survey process, you provided us with feedback that was honest and useful. We thank you for sharing these insights, we have read every comment and taken action.

As a thank you for those who participated in the survey, we’ve randomly drawn a winner of the $500 Somerled Wines or Chaffey Bros Wine Co voucher.

We learnt what you most value from Altitude Advisory:

  • being responsive and providing clear and timely advice
  • understanding your business and personal needs and goals
  • making it easy to implement business strategies and solutions
  • making personal contact with you rather than email
  • making you feel comfortable to ask questions

Of course there is always room for improvement. Based on your feedback, we have invested in improving our online presence and expanded our range of content to support you to grow and manage your business.

This week we launched our new website to provide you with an improved user experience. We are also expanding our breadth of content to include:

  • practical tips and tricks to help you manage the daily operations of your business
  • real life case studies of our recent projects to share learnings and strategies we have implemented to help businesses achieve their goals
  • more industry specific information, in particular for our agribusiness clients
  • insights to help business owners with people management

Your feedback is constantly shared across our entire team. It becomes a focus of our team discussions, ongoing professional development training and client relationship management processes.

By understanding what you most value, it becomes a priority within our business. Resources and investment is placed on those priorities to ensure it will have the greatest impact.

We can help you with the next steps

If you’re serious about improving your business and getting more time and control back in your life, have a look at our Business Builder workshops or get in touch.

We have a proven track record in helping businesses improve profitability by up to 300% and we can help you too.

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