Why big picture thinking is the key to success

By Altitude Advisory |

You got into business as a master of your craft, a leader in your chosen field. Being and staying in business, however, requires depth and breadth – expertise in a single field and cross-discipline knowledge.

Imagine your operation as a T-shape. Your vertical is specialisation. Your horizontal is business – cashflow, tax, HR, culture, growth, negotiation, customer acquisition, mindset, and technology.

All of these obligations can dominate your days and leave you feeling disillusioned, paralysed by the cyclical process of ‘business as usual.’

External pressures like interest rate rises, cost-of-living pressures and talk of a looming recession just fuels your unease.

In the face of economic challenges, double down on the big picture of your business. Your business should be edging you closer to achieving your life goals, working in service of this, not the other way around.

Here’s how to stay focused on your big vision, even with the natural ebbs and flows of business.

1. Clarity and conviction about what you want

What do you really want from your life? Does your business match the desired trajectory of your life? Do you envision growing your business to then sell it or hand it down through the generations of your family?

Once you have clarity on your business and life goals, you can reverse engineer how to get there and know what you need to do now. It’s okay if you don’t know your end goal. We partner with you to help you realise your dream future, then reach it.

2. Clear actions and tactics

Once you know your end goal, map your plan to get there. Make sure these actions will get you to where you want to be. Growing your business requires a different strategy to that of a season of maintenance.

Achieving your big vision is easier with strategic actions and accountabilities – such as revenue and profit targets, recruiting, culture building, investing in new technology, equipment, and offices.

We work with you to set timelines, milestones and KPIs for each goal to make informed decisions about your progress.

3. Gathering the right team around you

There’s a romance around entrepreneurship and business ownership. That pride in your hustle and sacrificing it all, for the business. We believe in hard work. We just tend not to celebrate it, doing it all alone.

Successful business owners invest in experienced coaches and advisors who’ve walked this path before, growing their companies from the ground up, ultimately to be sold.

Businesses require personal advisory, growth strategy and financial planning to stay on track towards the big vision, solving problems, and leveraging opportunities.

This is why our strategic business coaching focuses on whole of life planning.

Business is personal, whether we like it or not. As the owner, you can’t completely take yourself out of the business. How you think, what you believe, how well you know your business and your competitive market, the actions you take (and don’t take) all inform your business journey. We’ll make sure you reach your destination.

We’ve successfully grown businesses

We’ve learnt how to run, scale, and sell businesses by doing it. Now, we teach other business owners and teams how to grow and realise their big vision too.

Altitude Advisory is far more than an accounting firm.

We’re a business advisory firm simply focused on achieving outcomes for our clients. With 30 years’ experience, we’ll help you achieve all your goals in life, while growing a successful business. It’s this ‘whole of life’ approach that sets us apart.

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation consult to learn how to make your business work for you – and achieve your biggest life goals.

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