Are millennials changing the workplace for the better?

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Are millennials changing the workplace for the better? When you think of millennials in your workplace, what do you think of them?

Many employee surveys of perception around Millennials suggest that the opinions of them are not always that complimentary.

Millennials, loosely defined as those born after 1982 and before 2004, are, often seen as lazy and lacking drive. But there is much data to suggest that this is completely unfounded.

Your business may already have the strong work ethic of Baby Boomers and the balanced management expertise of Generation X, but are you lacking the technical expertise that millennials are so often known for, in order for your business to truly succeed?

Are millennials changing the workplace for the better?

A recent quantitative survey in America suggested that millennials are not scared to change jobs and ask for that salary increase. This is because they are more than confident in their own abilities and skillsets.

Millennials like to challenge themselves and produce results in the workplace that will benefit the business and develop themselves linearly.

Millennials typically want to work with a purpose; they want to work towards a goal and they are hungry for success. This attitude in the workplace may seem slightly greedy, but it should be considered as ambitious and passionate.

These are the kinds of people you want on your team. The people that won’t stop until you are the very best.


Millennials are often fiercely ambitious, but they also possess strong social traits, such as being sociable, inclusive and fun. You combine these personable behaviours with a strong professional attitude and you end up with an employee that has the potential to help grow your business and improve culture.

Millennials have grown up surrounded by technology and digital media. Translated, you end up with educated, goal-focussed and team-centric workers that must be considered as a strong additions to your team.

Australian businesses are already adapting their workplaces and adjusting their hiring practices in an attempt to capture the attention of millennial talent.

Roles that require tech-savviness, more flexibility, teamwork and problem solving, increased mentoring and the option for learning are exactly what this group are looking for and your business needs to market these benefits to succeed.

Millennials in the mix

Within the next 10 years, it is anticipated that 75% of the Australian workplace will be made up of millennials.

You will most likely see three key trends in that time, namely: a more balanced workplace, greater flexibility and a more mobile workforce.

Millennials have a greater interest in experiencing lifestyle interests, such as travel. They value this time spent with family and friends more than other generations which, in turn, could turn your office into a happier and collaborated place to work, bringing your own interests forward too.

A more mobile and flexible workforce essentially allows your business the option to retain talent. Millennials want to challenge themselves and progress in their career.

Look at your business and align a career path that contains a range of experiences that the best people will crave. Nail this and you will be the king of all millennial talent.

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