Meetings that actually work

By Altitude Advisory |

Poor communication in business can be as good as a death sentence.

Marketing doesn’t talk to sales, sales doesn’t talk to production, production doesn’t talk to management, management don’t talk to each other, and so it goes on!

As a business leader, it is critical that you establish frameworks and a culture that facilitates communication within your team.

One of the most effective ways to facilitate communication within your team is through proper meeting structures and scheduling.

Run correctly, meetings promote discussion and collaboration, they involve healthy debate and conflict, they solve problems and they identify opportunities.

“Scaling Up”, a book authored by Verne Harnish, looks at meeting rhythm. This is a schedule of meetings that facilitates communication across your business.

At Altitude Advisory, our meeting rhythm is:

  • Annual strategy meeting – 2 days with the owners and Board
  • Quarterly strategic review meetings – ½ to 1 day each with the management team
  • Quarterly team goal setting meetings – ½ day each with the entire team
  • Weekly management / operations meetings – 2 hours with the management team
  • Weekly team meeting – 1 hour with the entire team
  • Daily huddle – 10 minutes with the entire team

Our meetings are effective because they share the following attributes:

  • They are set in the calendar yearly in advance
  • They take priority over day-to-day activities
  • The meeting chairperson is prepared and provides relevant documents in advance
  • Everyone contributes
  • They run to time
  • There is a note taker for each meeting
  • Actions are recorded, collated and allocated to staff with due dates for completion

Our meeting rhythm and attributes has resulted in:

  • Improved transparency in our communication
  • More efficient completion of tasks and projects
  • Enhanced team culture and enjoyment at work
  • An increase to our financial results

If you need help improving communication within your business, contact us today on or (08) 8172 1444.

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