Leadership in the workplace

By Altitude Advisory |

The importance of Leadership in business is undeniable. Our Client Services Manager, Olivia Steed delves further into this topic in the thought piece below.   

You can’t turn on the television or radio without hearing about COVID-19 or the US Election. Two defining moments that affect the lives of so many. Equally monumental, and forever remembered and defined by the actions and behaviours of respective leaders abroad.

I’m not using this as a platform to express any political opinion, simply to acknowledge and appreciate that actions matter. Leadership matters. Irrespective of title; Leader of the Free World, Head of State, CEO or a Casual Employee. Behaviour matters.

Today I write to acknowledge and celebrate the good bosses, the great bosses, the mentors and the Leaders. Hub 39 consists of 6 businesses, all working in unity with a single purpose, to improve people’s lives.

Our mission statement does not only pertain to our clients, it extends to employees, their families and the wider community.

Altitude Advisory leaders are accountable and demonstrate this in every decision and every relationship forged. Our leaders recognise that human capital is their biggest investments. Each employee is nurtured and valued as an individual, and held equally accountable with high expectations.

Forging a winning culture of engagement and reward. We celebrate successes, reward effort with the notion of return on investment. We work hard, play hard.

What a difference it makes to want to come to work in the morning and feel that your contribution is acknowledged and valued. To feel accomplishment in meaningful work.  More importantly, to know that your boss hears you, your individual voice no matter how small, who knows you and how you operate, and works with you to carve a path for your successes, in parallel with company goals.

What a difference it makes to know that your leaders understand the importance of family and life balance. Leaders who accommodate and encourage flexible working conditions to support mental health and physical wellbeing.

Our leaders have been instrumental in protecting the livelihood each client and every employee through these uncertain times. Our leaders have shown, empathy, humility and resilience. They have devised strategy and responded with swift assertive action as required. Endured long hours, provided motivational counsel and support to team, while tirelessly maximising government financial assistance, opportunities and business strategy for our clients.

And for that, I am truly grateful. As Business Advisors and Leaders, what better way to showcase our mission and live our core values, than to ACTUALLY protect and improve people’s lives.

The good bosses, the great bosses, the mentors and Leaders.

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