Tips To Declutter Your Digital Life

By Altitude Advisory |

We have many clients tell us that they are overwhelmed by technology and are bombarded with emails, videos, webinars, just to name a few. Here are some tips to help you declutter your digital life!

Most of us have more than one email account, use several social media outlets and can spend hours each day managing all of these.

It is said that technology is there to make our lives easier. However, for many people, managing emails, social media accounts, subscriptions and other digital platforms that come our way can be stressful and overwhelming.

There are some simple steps to decluttering your digital life.

Cleanse and manage your inbox

Make a habit out of it; filing, deleting and replying on a daily or weekly basis can help organise your emails to prevent an overwhelming ordeal.

Empty your folders

Most email accounts have a junk box, spam box and deleted emails folder. Delete these – they take up data space and can sit unnoticed for years.


Most people receive emails daily, sometimes hourly from companies trying to sell products. Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘unsubscribe’. Easy.

Chuck out old cables

You probably have the chargers from your old phones, laptops and cameras or cords that have been in boxes for years. Throw them out. It saves a lot of confusion in the long run.


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