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Could you benefit from a business coach?

By Altitude Advisory |

Business coaches are fast becoming an important asset in helping you reach success in your business. Partner of Altitude Advisory, Kristen Buik is an experienced Business Coach and explains the benefits of having someone like her in your life.

A business coach can help you achieve your goals and reach the next level for your business. What that ‘next level’ is, varies from business to business. It may be succession or retirement planning, a more effective leadership presence, devising an effective strategy, to inspire those you lead, and the list goes on. Every business is unique, and the possibilities are just as endless.

A good business coach doesn’t come up with a client’s strategies or decide what’s good and bad about company culture. Rather, the business coach works with clients to help them discover those things on their own.

The primary goal of business coaching is to help management teams uncover and resolve issues that will ultimately facilitate the company reaching its desired goals.

A business coach helps organisations to:

    • Develop more effective strategies
    • Make better ‘people’ decisions
    • Increase organisational focus
    • Strengthen company culture
    • Increase team accountability
    • Align the organisation to desired goals

Now that you know what a business coach does, and you understand that a business coach’s job is to help your company make the necessary changes to align your organisation with the desired goals you only have to ask yourself one question: Are you ready to set a new direction for the future?

As your business coach, I will help you devise a plan of action to help you transform your dreams into reality through the processes, tools, and concepts I bring to the table. I will help clarify your goals and guide you along the way, celebrating your successes and providing guidance along the way. I want to see you achieve the success you deserve.

So, let’s get started, please contact me on 08 8172 1444 or at kristen.b@www.altitudeadvisory.com.au to take the next step.


Written by Kristen Buik
Partner & Business Coach
Altitude Advisory

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