The Goal Maker – Keith Abraham

Keith shared with us his experience on the best framework for people to set and achieve their goals. We also discuss the importance of referrals, and your referral network, in growing a business.   Subscribe…

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Rob Nixon Altitude Advisory podcast

The Clubhouse – Rob Nixon

In this episode of the Little Black Book, Rob takes us through his process for setting goals, focusing on a single market, and maintaining top performance (hint: say ‘no’!).’ Rob started his career as a…

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Daniel Healy Altitude Advisory podcast

The Coach – Daniel Healy

Recognising that the same principles in leading sporting teams apply to the corporate world, Daniel became a founding athlete facilitator with Leading Teams. Daniel shares his insights from both a professional and personal perspective and…

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Sarah Bartholomeusz Altitude Advisory podcast

The Disrupter – Sarah Bartholomeusz

Sarah approaches everything in life with gusto,  both professionally and personally.  Not only has she created successful start up businesses, she has also penned 3 best selling books, sharing her legal knowledge and experience in…

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