Business leaders need coaches, too. Here’s why.

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Most high performers have people they look up to. Formal coaches and informal idols. Think of the famous athletes and actors of the world – they have mentors to guide their training and career trajectory. People who have been where they are, specialists in their field, with a history of helping top talent.

The same goes for business. MDs and CEOs also require coaches. There’s an assumption that leaders have mastered everything by the time they reach CEO status. But that’s not the way business works.

There is no destination. With experience comes confidence and wisdom, but the work is never complete. It takes ongoing commitment and conviction to maintain a strong industry position.

Business is personal. We can’t separate business and personal. What business owners and leaders think, say, and do trickles down through the entire company. It’s critical for leaders to be on their game, as it affects everything and everyone.

Good for business, good for life

Ride the wave of change

Just like there are seasons of life, there are seasons of business. There are the macro stages of set-up, maintenance, and succession, as well as all the tiny chapters along the way. Businesses are in a constant state of flux – contracting and expanding, iterating and experimenting. No two weeks are ever the same. A business coach can help keep you grounded during the swings of change and focussed on your path.

A growth mindset

A lot of business (and life) comes down to perspectives. You can’t control what happens in the world and your industry, but you see each situation through a positive filter. A good business coach helps you develop and maintain a growth mindset, so you can see opportunities and capitalise on them.

Stay resilient

Recessions, inflation, talent shortages, pandemics, remote work, and technology are just a few of the challenges from the past two years. These external events can influence productivity, outlook, and the quality of work. Teams look to leaders to set the tone and create an environment of safety. Good work requires space to breathe, feelings of safety, and freedom. To support your people, you have to take care of yourself. Create resilience by investing in your own wellbeing.

A useful mirror (outside perspectives)

We all have blind spots, even the best CEOs in the world do. Good coaches hold up a mirror and help you see and work through any blocks. It’s important to have outside eyes and ears on your business.

It’s even more critical for business leaders, as you’re likely used to coaching others, not the other way around. You might not have people who often challenge your beliefs and perspectives. Business coaches do this in a healthy way to help you think outside of the box. This self-interrogation is useful for business and life. It makes for a self-aware, empathetic leader.

For comradery

It can be lonely up at the top. You can create that teamwork spirit and chemistry by working with a coach. The deeper you go and the more you trust your coach, the greater connection and alignment you’ll feel – to yourself, your mission, and your people.

When you grow, everyone grows. Invest in a business coach who can support you in both business and life. You can work with a coach for a specific need or develop a long-term partnership. These sessions are ‘your time’, where you can solve problems, ideate and imagine, gain clarity and confidence.

Your business coach has one job: to help you succeed. Reach your dreams, both in business and in life with a mentor by your side.

With years of business coaching experience under our belts, we can support you to set and achieve all your goals in life, while growing a profitable business.

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