Building a winning culture

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In order to operate a successful business, one of the key aspects you will need to get right is your culture. 

Business Advisor, Ryan Pistola explains how culture can help build a fun workplace where people are motivated to work hard and take care of each other.

Culture can take many shapes and forms depending on your beliefs and values, but one thing in common across culture-rich businesses is that their people feel that they want to be there, rather than feeling like they have to be there.

So how do you build a winning culture? Here are a few areas to focus on:


Strong communication of your vision and values to your team is important to help build your desired culture. This helps to ensure that everyone in your business from the ground up is on the same page and that they know what is expected of them each day. Systems to communicate with your team include vision sharing, team inclusive planning days, daily huddles, regular team updates and the sharing of key financial metrics.


Recognition systems help employees to feel appreciated for the hard work that they put in, and this will help to ensure that they see their hard work as being worthwhile. Being recognised will encourage team members to continue to act in the right manner, and will also help provide an example of how to behave to the team as a whole

Recognition can involve sending a personalised thank you note or presenting an award, or it can be as simple as celebrating a birthday or a company anniversary.


Most employees have goals of growing their personal professional skills, so it is important to invest in them and help provide them with opportunities to develop. This can involve allowing them to attend workshops or seminars, or simply scheduling regular internal training.

Without investment, employees may feel like they are stagnating through their career, which could, in turn, reduce overall moral. On the other hand, helping your team to continuously improve will help to deliver better outputs for your business. Find out what the personal professional goals of your team members are and allow them to chase them.


Empowering employees to make decisions on your behalf is a good way to build trust within your team and it allows them to feel like they are playing a greater role in achieving the goals of your business. It will also ensure that people grow their decision-making skills and become more confident. Sure, they may make mistakes on the way, but these can form valuable learning experiences which will bring improvement in the long run.

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