Brothers in Business – Daniel Chaffey Hartwig and Theo Engela – Chaffey Bros Wine Co.

By Altitude Advisory |

Little Black Book:
The Entrepreneur’s Podcast
Season 1, Episode 28

In Episode 28 of the Little Black Book, we’re joined by Daniel Chaffey Hartwig and Theo Engela, owners and directors of Chaffey Bros Wine Co.

An innovative and new-age winery, Chaffey Bros source their grapes from individual parcels of low-yielding vineyards with old vines and complex soils in the Barossa and Eden Valley.

Daniel and Theo share how their bond as brothers in business, and brothers-in-law, has grown with their faith being a foundation pillar. They discuss creating a connection between their customers and their wines through storytelling.

Daniel also shares the need to shatter perceptions and establish credibility in the wine making space after previously broking bulk wines.

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