The Always-On Era

By Altitude Advisory |

The Always-on era!

Keeping ahead of communication developments, harnessing emerging technologies and continually adapting are key drivers of business growth.

The world is entering an era of full connectivity. Thanks to cloud technology and the advent of 5G networks, an uninterrupted, always-on environment is changing the way people live and work.

We are already seeing how the ongoing roll-out of superfast connectivity and cloud technology is finally allowing people to work on their terms. But how will this high speed digital connectivity change the way businesses operate?

All businesses – whether digital in roots or not – will be affected by the always-on era. So how can small to medium businesses fulfil their clients’ expectations, yet not overinvest in unnecessary technology and resources?

Have an informative website

In Australia the busiest online search traffic occurs after business hours. This means your clients are seeking information when you’re most likely to be closed. Having an informative website is key, providing enough information to keep the client engaged, even when you’re not present.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is on the increase, with business owners demanding access to their information on their hand held devices. Many platforms such as Xero allow owners to run their business on the go, with the ability to send and receive invoices faster and reconcile in seconds.

Information in the cloud

As time and distance are becoming less of an issue in business, clients and employees  require information during your ’closed hours’. By using document sharing platforms such as DropBox or Microsoft 365, you can share and simultaneously view documents, contacts and visuals, all in a secure and   digital location and without the restrictions of being closed.

The always-on era: For more information on cloud accounting or need advice on improving your business through cloud integration, please contact us.



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