7 no-cost methods you can use to grow your business

By Altitude Advisory |

Coming off a year filled with surprises, many businesses have withstood the financial brunt of COVID-19 and you may find yourself rebuilding or scrambling just to keep afloat.

To help to keep within budget, Accountant, Edward Allan, wrote a list of 7 no-cost practical tips and methods you can use to grow your business.


With so many businesses only coming back into normal cashflow routines, you can use these free methods and tips to jump ahead of the rest and use the unprecedented year we have had as an opportunity to excel your business and recreate your image with no financial investment:

  1. Build and expand relationships. Whether these are your clients, business partners, sponsors, suppliers, or employees, make sure you are always looking to communicate to everyone, as they will most certainly be able to offer value back.
  2. Define your point of difference. Figure out where you bring value to your target market and make this a priority in your elevator pitch or strategies. This is usually the reason people will choose your business!
  3. Look for feedback. Figure out what your clients or customers think and actually apply this feedback to make changes or continue doing what the customers find most valuable to them.
  4. Request referrals. Referrals are one of the easiest ways to expand your customer base and reflect the value you bring. Further, incentivize this with partnering businesses and customers to further expand your network.
  5. Set Goals. This one seems simple but is the most effective way to realistically measure yourself both financially and operationally. Keep coming back to these goals to track your improvement and ensure you do not miss the big picture.
  6. Get involved with social media. Social media is becoming the marketing of the future. Find out what platforms your customers use and tailor this to suit what you want them to see!
  7. Google yourself. This might seem strange, but it is the best way to view what comes up for your business when people first hear about you. Make the public see what you want them to see!

None of these tips require money! Just some time and a correct attitude and your whole business perspective could change.

If you would like any assistance in applying these in your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling (08) 8172 1444 or emailing:

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