3 easy tricks to being the parent and the professional you want to be

By Altitude Advisory |

As any working parent will tell you, balancing your professional and family life can be a task within itself. But no need to fear, help is here! Christian Sloniec has identified the three key skills all parents/professionals should develop in order to succeed. 

Being a parent is my greatest achievement in life so far, bar none.
Even with everything I have achieved professionally, it just pales in comparison to my 2 beautiful kids and seeing them be all cute and stuff.

That said, there are some skills and behaviours I’ve had to develop and work on in order to be a successful professional and a parent.

1. Patience!

The ability to stay patient in times of absolute chaos is very, very difficult.

However, being able to develop workable levels of patience at home has enabled me to handle my professional relationships in a more patient matter.

Not all interactions are fun or enjoyable but being able to help clients through being more patient and listening is a strength I have developed since becoming a parent.

2. Communication

Imagine trying to reason with a 3-year-old why they can’t have ice-cream for breakfast every 2nd day!

It’s about speaking to them in a way they can understand.

The same principles apply to clients – they don’t all get the fancy accounting and tax phrases we use each and every day.

It’s about finding a way to communicate so they can understand and working with them in an effective way.

3. Handling pressure

Without my wife I don’t know how in the world I would cope with how my life is at the moment.

Building a support network is extremely important in all facets of life.

Being able to lean on people when things get too chaotic helps relieve that pressure and enable you to make clearer decisions in high-pressure environments.

There are some skills that are very useful to being both a successful professional and a parent – it’s not always easy but it’s most certainly worthwhile and fulfilling.


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